Simon Kaplan (b. 1993, Maisons-Laffitte) is a French composer whose music is characterized by its algorithmic nature and the frequent use of unconventional instruments. Attaching a specific importance to timbral research and sometimes resorting to the spatialization of sound sources, his quest for innovation in music led him to develop various generative techniques such as matricial ping-pong and intervallic duration along with principles including expression-based tempo as well as in-chord telepunctal melody.
He currently studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel in the class of Dr. Peter Swinnen.
In 2019, Simon Kaplan notably contributed to the evolution of the hyperpiano by uniting its three different tuning systems into a single multi-instrument playable via two MIDI keyboards and a MIDI pedalboard arranged in the manner of an organ by the use of a desktop app.
In 2020, the composer designed a polar harmonic system for the Bohlen-Pierce scale, which he will reveal during an upcoming lecture in Brussels, Belgium. The same year, he initiated the manufacture of the saxaulos by Karel Goetghebeur and will compose the first work featuring the instrument in 2021.
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