Miniature I 4 min 30 s
for clarinet
Miniature II 2 min 30 s
for piano duo
premiered 12 Mar. 2019 in Brussels, BE by Duetto Alaimo
Miniature III 2 min 30 s
for spatialized brass trio
Miniature IV 1 min
for spatialized woodwind quartet
Miniature V 1 min
for spatialized reed quintet
Miniature VI 1 min 30 s
for string sextet
Miniature VII 4 min 30 s
for percussion septet
Miniature VIII 1 min
for vocal octet
text by Emma Lazarus
Miniature IX 2 min 30 s
for mixed nonet
written for the art exhibition "Plongeons⁠—une série presque monochrome"
for alto sax
© 2020 Simon Kaplan