SYNAULY (2020) ca. 6 min 30 s
for BP-clarinet trio
Programme Notes:

Synauly, composed in 2020 for BP-clarinet trio, a trio of clarinets designed for being tuned to the Bohlen-Pierce scale, and with a duration of about six and a half minutes, is a three-movement piece wherewithin three distinct harmonic systems are explored. Its title signifies a composition for consort of reed instruments.

‘Ludus Modalis’—or play of mode—is characterized by its dramatic tensionlessness. Self-similarly structured, by its voice leading, this introductory movement marks the birth of a new homophonic technique analogous to a whack-a-mole game.

‘Ludus Tonalis’—or play of key—distinguishes itself by its inherent dramatic tension-release polarity, which evolves through different moods. By so doing, this intermediary movement aims to provide a solution to the long-standing musicological problem of creating dramatic tension via the Bohlen-Pierce scale.

‘Ludus Sonantialis’—or play of sonance—sees its dramatic tension curve fluctuating over the course of a refrain/couplet alternation. Attraction poles are therein defined and hierarchized, by virtue whereof this conclusory movement aims to provide another solution to the musicological problem already treated in the previous movement.

―Simon Kaplan

© 2020 Simon Kaplan