Synauly (2020) ca. 6 min 30 s
for BP-clarinet trio
Simplum (2019)
for voice and folk-instrument trio
text by Penina Moise
for voice and early-instrument trio
text by Penina Moise
Anamorphosis (2019) ca. 5 min
for early-instrument trio
Triptych (2019) ca. 5 min
for hyperpiano
Air (2018)
for shinobue
for traverso
Diphony (2018) ca. 5 min
for female voice
for male voice
Lude (2018) ca. 6 min
for prepared piano
premiered 12 Mar. 2019 in Brussels, BE by Andreas Mantzaris
Miniatures (2018)
set of nine compositions
© 2020 Simon Kaplan